What Do You Want- Flash Product Drop and Sneaker Community

Do you have to wait in line on the street to get the hottest shoe drops from Paris?


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Louis Ekinin



Problem: Shoe drops are happening all over the world, users can't participate without being in the location.

Project Goal: Research the flash streetwear market and understand the incentives of the people that wait in line.

One key concept that was important in designing this product was to keep the community alive when a drop wasn't happening. We came up with the idea that users could share articles and comment on them within the app, as well as continue with comments post drop (live chat). Community was key for this product in order to compete with NTWRK.

Problem in Context

Louis is a big fan of sneakers, however there are drops happening in London, Tokyo, Paris, NYC, LA, and it's impossible to physically attend all events despite the excitement of going to them.

How can you recreate the hype, scarcity, and excitement of a drop without physically being there?

Research Summary

sources: social channels -→ twitter, reddit, instagram, depop, ntwrk, search etc.

More Shoes

Outside of drops, we needed to come up with an alternate revenue source. One concept was to create a store for your digital collection. Some items available for sale would be such things as digital only shoes, premium shoe shelves, laces etc.

This was a quick project visualization, we didn't develop it but I think it turned out super cool. Especially seeing how NFTs have evolved recently and how that could play into digital collections with the sneaker shelves.