Tiny Projects I've Designed

A variety of things i've designed, built, failed at building etc.

Quick Summary

I've designed a lot of things. Some worked out, some didn't. Lots of learnings in the process.

Linklater - Bookmark, Sort and Share links from Tiktok and Insta

Add a little personality to bookmarking with notes, ratings and seamless copying from social apps


It's difficult to keep all your bookmarks organized on social platforms like instagram and tiktok

  • Use Case: You're saving all your cooking videos, workout videos, and architecture inspiration in one place, you want to be able to sort them, and find them quickly in one category at once.


Send links via iMessage / SMS to LinkLater. A webapp that sorts your links and allows you to add your notes and ratings all embedded in your messaging platform (imessage, android message via SMS). You can sort by multiple methods (Keywords, ⭐️ ratings, and 🍳 emojis)

Gmail - In Progress

Send a small status update vs waiting to reply


Business customers are waiting to hear back from clients, but clients don't have the information to give the reply they need (but still want to inform on status)

  • Use Case: You have an office that has completed their work at 4pm, their client has everything that they need but they are waiting to hear from leadership to get the sign of. Instead of just not replying to the office whether they are released or not, give them a status update.

  • Use Case 2: People are requesting a status update on a project, you give them a simple update via the app (Done, will be done in x time, Holding on additional information).


I broke down email execution into 3 actions:Β  1. 
Done (Task is complete) 2. 
In Progress (Received and working on it)
 3. Hold (Received, but will get back when I have all the information)

Spotify - Waveform Hype

Discover the best parts of a song quickly


There is too much music, users need to be able to explore the best part of the song quickly to understand if it's something they'll like or not.

  • Use Case: You get a new spotify discover playlist or release radar playlist, you want to know right away if it's a song you might like to add to your library. You need to know the best part of the song right away.


Create a visualization in waveform of the most played portion of a song (user data showing replays of a section). This allows you to easily scan ahead to the most hyped point of the song to quickly understand if it is of your taste or not.

Subcat - Pinch Into Subcategories of Photos (iOS App)

Discover related photography with one simple pinch gesture


Exploring new topics requires too much friction for the user. (tapping into, following, subscribing.) There is too much friction.

  • Use Case: You're into #surfing, but as a user you wouldn't likely be following the #shark topic. You find a surfing photo with a shark in it, you zoom in and you're exploring sharks. If you're no longer interested, you just pinch out and you're back in surfing.


By using the pinch/zoom gesture, we created a platform that could make it super simple for users to discover related imagery. Once you see an image you like, you can zoom into a portion of it to take into a slightly different library of images. Very low friction decision making.

ThirdBird - Make conversations easier with a third party

Bring a 3rd party into your conversation to make it simple to say the more difficult things.


Sometimes it's not easy to say the things you want to say. Especially with text messaging, it's difficult to understand the tone or emotion of the other party.

  • Use Case: You find someone is disagreement with you, and you create a third party to say the things you want (and side with you).


Create a simple way to generate a third party in a messaging environment (iMessage App). This allows you talk through an animated character to soften the tone of any disagreement or just add a little bit of fun to any conversation.

More to be added!

Wrapping It Up 🎁

What's next?

I will build many products in the future, but ideally I'll spend more time on one focused product with an excellent execution.

Challenges and Learnings

I have found a lot of value in continuous productivity vs waiting on perfect results. It's so much better to continually deliver small milestones than be waiting for and possibly not even delivering big ones. What would you change?

I would spend more time doing research, drawing, and focusing on the team.