Using AI generated stock footage to solve copyright pain points.

UI screen compositions rarely look real on tv and movies, how can we change that?

Quick Summary

It's been a struggle creating complex screens that mimic current websites. You want to show all the thumbnails but licensing them all with the site owner, the creators that create the content etc, it's a licensing nightmare. How can ease the pain to make everything look super real? *yellow highlight is to aid in speedy scan-ability

Few Problems:

  1. Film / TV designers (flame artists, after effects artists, visual effects artists) aren't trained in building UI, they only adapt. They don't use the proper tools (figma for example)
  2. Filling screens with relevant content is time consuming and also expensive. In context, if you think about showcasing someone scrolling google images, there'd be hundreds of images very quickly shown. If you licensed all of these, it'd be quite expensive and also there would be a lot of compromises in selection which would dilute the experience.

AI Generated Images

With the popularity of such models as Open AI's DALL-E to generate images, it's opened a new world in licensing. The ability to generate any type of image by a text prompt, and without the needed licensing issues.

I explored building a Twitch lookalike, but with AI generated royalty free images

Context: Twitch is a live-streaming and gaming community, the majority of the images that need to be generated would need to look like popular games.

Some popular games that were considered: Call of Duty, League of Legends, Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft, Animal Crossing + more.

DALL-E is one of the most notable in AI generated images so I was able to try and create several images there to start with (this verified that the images would look good enough to replace gaming images). I then explored Craiyon, Huggingface, and Midjourney from Stable Diffusion.

Midjourney I favored as it was through a discord server, generated great images, and I could learn from other users as they were generating their prompts.

Midjourney Discord Server

Some keywords I discovered to be helpful were: In the style of ___, highly detailed, octane render, 8k, and photorealistic.

I began generating multiple game looking images, from driving games, soccer, golf, baseball, to 1st person shooter types games, cuphead type games etc.

Sometimes images can turn a little like paintings with brushstrokes, but it's all about getting prompts right and generating variations of each image.

Here's a few examples that I thought worked nicely: They worked especially well as thumbnails.

It was necessary to create user avatars for the platform as well: Here a few of those examples (these end up being so small its best to show color variety within the page.

AI generated Avatars turned out amazing

Before / After

Original Icons and Data

AI Generated Avatars + Stats

Here's an example of the site I built. It feels quite real with the hovers and AI imagery.

Twitch - Original Images

Twitch - No Images

Twitch - All AI Stock Images

Here's a prototype of what a Twitch look-alike platform might look with all AI generated images.

Instagram with all AI generated imagery

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